Thursday, September 29, 2016

Greek Mythology

Students have been studying the nature of heroes and monsters in Greek mythology so far in the first quarter. Students marveled that ancient Greeks asked similar questions about nature, human behavior and the origin of things in myths created thousands of years ago. Ancient Greek myths have persisted for so long because they explore mysteries that we still face today, and because they are so emotionally and intellectually engaging. Students first studied the myths of Pandora, Arachne and Perseus to understand the four functions of myths.  They reviewed key vocabulary and ideas using the Quizlet App, Castle Learning and Kahoot! Then students began an independent reading project using digital books in the EPIC! App and books from South Middle's library. They are tracing a theme through multiple myths in notes in their digital notebooks in Google Drive and then in a formal essay.

Google Classroom
Kahoot! Review
Quizlet Vocabulary Review
Epic! Digital Library
Castle Learning Review