Thursday, September 29, 2016

Team Day

Team Day was a success! In the morning, students were presented with information about what makes seventh grade so special. Administrators and staff told seventh graders that they are now in the middle of middle school and are expected to be role models to sixth graders and to prepare to be the leaders of the school next year as eighth graders. They were encouraged to participate in sports and after school clubs and activities. Students watched a film created by Mr. Nahoum that showcased important seventh grade activities (Technology Field Trip, Talent Show, Minute-to-Win-It, Career Fair, etc.) and even featured words of advice from seventh graders from the past. It was touching to see the siblings of some of our seventh graders speak to their younger brother or sister to share words of wisdom from when they were in the seventh grade.

In the afternoon, students created logos and slogans for Team Hero. In the end, students voted on the one poster that would represent our team. See all the posters below; the first poster is the poster that earned the greatest number of votes.
Team Hero 2016-2017 Logo and Slogan
"Follow the path of a hero."